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Originally Posted by Bigbeats23 View Post
I hope the next GTA will feel alive like Red Dead. I feel there needs to be animals in all Rockstar's open world games from now on. I hope the next GTA is as realistic as possible. What I mean is, I want to be able to do most things that come to my mind if I had the keys to an open city.

Here's a crazy example. Maybe you go to a wildlife area in the world, find a cougar, tranquilize it, take it back into the city, and hide it in the middle of a populated area. Then you just wait until it wakes up and enjoy, or start robbing places when people run screaming. It seems kinda crazy, but it would be simple for Rockstar to do something like this, and it's actually fairly realistic...i think. All R* would have to do is create a tranquilizer gun obviously, allow it work on all animals, and give players the ability to put stuff in and out of car trunks. Instantly, it gives the player so many random possibilities. I just hope R* thinks like that. I don't care about in game friends, so I really hope they don't waist their time on that aspect of the game unless they find a way to make it only benefit the player. Like for example, I might become friends with the the guy I buy explosives from, because I buy explosives from him a lot. Then he will give me discounts or freebies, and maybe we blow up things together sometimes and that's it. I don't want to take somebody out to dinner just because they're fat, and will whine if I don't call them back.

Last thing I can think of, would be internet service that has a real purpose. I want the ability to buy exotic cars online that you will never see on the street. Maybe even some cars that cost a million+ with ridiculous Bugatti Veyron type stats, but then again I guess there also needs to be a way to insure it, or at least a way to get a nuke to destroy a city block if somebody ruins your ride. I would also like ability to buy lots and lots of constantly updated weapons from an Ammunation online store!

Oh yeah, R* is not controversial enough anymore. I want some nice realistic "anything living" gibbing and a deeper crime element. You should be able to be a drug lord, assassin or leader of assassins, run a chop shop, etc.
yeah thats cool
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