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I really wish the next GTA would include some options like Saint's Row has. Saint's Row would be one of the best games created if it weren't for the havok engine. My wishlist for GTA...

-Autoshop where you can customize your car, aftermarket part, engine, body, interior, etc...
-A garage at your safe house, like the other gta's. none of this parking space stuff
- More intricate and in depth storyline, also you see the characters outside the mission
- More customization to the character similar to SA, more clothes, more styles, etc..
- More working miscellaneous stuff, working umbrellas (if theres lightning, you see people running), working convertibles for sunny and rainy weather. clothes get wet from water, scrapes from the pavement, etc....
- character movement was sluggish, need to make it easier to move like SA
- A little better weapons mechanics, make pistol whip an actual button, i agree with the previous person who mentioned this that it was lame. mechanics other wise was good, again, just a little sluggish in some areas.
- A lot more fun cheats, bring back alot of the cheats from GTA3, ped riot, ped with guns, gore cheat, peds chase after you, possibly zombie apocalypse cheat, crazy stuff
- Add the fun vehicles back, jet pack, hydra, riot tank, monster truck, etc....
- dual weapons, pistols( m9 or glock), small smgs (tec 9, mack 10)
- customizable weapons, silencers, scopes, grips, FMJ, possibly gold plate some
- your own courier that brings you your vehicles
- your own weapons, the ones you buy, are yours, just have to re buy ammo
- Better police mechanics, spike strips, better road blocks, better swat, keep the army, if you have 6 stars, streets should be empty, sectors blocked off, shoot-to-kill should come in later. possibly at 3 or 4 stars.
- better car mechanics, cars in GTA4 felt like they had no sway bar what so ever.
- more intricate missions. ex: if you have a car chase mission, have an in game friend cut off the lead car. make it more intense, the some goes for you, if youre getting chased, have to worry about getting sideswiped
- more detailed oddjobs, car theft missions, bookie type missions, taxi driver, EMT, Police, work for the mob, lawn-cutting services, bodyguard services, etc etc
- more melee like VC, tools, machetes, chainsaw, bat, 2x4, katana
- more in game melee, GTA 4 had the bricks, make anything melee, broken piece of wood from fences, barbed wire, etc..
- more gangs, something like SA or 3. you have your mafia, crips/bloods, cartel, yakuza/ triad.
- I would really like to see some of the old gang cars back. like the diablo stallion, mafia sentinal, cartel cruiser, etc...
- BRING BACK THE CHEETAH, if youre going to have a lamborghini car (infurnes), you gotta have the ferarri.

i think thats it for now...

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