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@Mr. Subliminal

Added a note to wishlist that when I focus on Mayhem again to give special attention to rolling car bombs again and see what's up / what happened with those.

Regarding previous, just imagine what could be done if instead of having to hack-inject rogue logic threads into the game if R* would actually expose the next game and script engine to modders properly. Like Garys Mod for GTA... god that would be sssoooo incredible. Would stop having to focus so much effort on just the act of making modifications not crash the game and more time on content.

As you know this is the 1st time I've had a chance to look into the Cops side of the engine. From what I'm seeing so far, these are even more trouble to deal with than normal peds. The game is constantly trying to keep the amount of cops and cop vehicles in the world at any given moment to a very, very small number. especially if the player currently has no wanted level. I mean to the point of it will zip them away in a flash if you just turn your back on them taking them off screen for an instant, when they are "extra" that still exist while others have been taken over by AW in new assignments against crews.

There are probably any number of meaningful reasons for this. The most obvious is too many cops would simply be too annoying for the player since they would be constantly screwing with the player and tagging them with wanted levels. But I think also they are probably high-overhead / high-maintenance, i.e. cops have more complex AI behavior code associated with them so the more of those around the more CPU cycles spent servicing them.

At any rate I'm having to code a truly huge amount of minutiae to make them do what I'm doing. All the way down to me controlling the random time they are honking (squaking) the siren and forcing and keeping the lights and siren blasting and constantly updating their tracking / driving task to intercept a crew. But it's working. And when it's happening it's it friggin sweet and makes me want MORE cops available to play with and assign them chasing down shit using my new squad class.

If anyone knows a property or API to increase the amount of available cops spawned ambiently in the game world let me know. Some of the ones I've seen related to that are NOP unfortunately, based on the script function listings.


Since I really want a massive police presence against crews, just like WE get a massive presence against us, I'm implementing a fallback set of logic. It will always prefer, and try, to find a game created cop and car around the crew and already falls back to around the player when that fails. But now in addition, if it doesn't find any around the player it's creating state troopers with full crews in noose and applying the logic I already made for world created cops against them. Dude it is CRAZY lol.... there are a huuuuuge amount of cops ripping around all over the place chasing car crews. If my testing shows these do not create statues or other problems this is going to be stellar.

I'll need to create some variation properties and logic, especially chance related stuff. Like created, uses siren, full car etc etc. Also of course some variation in the cop vehicle types. I'll throw in some patriots and a police2 chances and see how that looks.

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