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Well that appears to be another SHDN issue that I can't do anything about without circumventing SHDN, which I may do. From what I've seen HazardX for some reason doesn't like to release new versions of SHDN when only 1 or 2 things are problems, even when those problems are critical in nature and cause failures that can't be gotten around without entirely bypassing SHDN, which defeats the purpose. Not sure precisely why that is and I don't assume what the reasons are. He can make whatever decisions he wants for whatever reasons he wants, whether folks agree with them or not.

He seems a decent fellow and good engineer but waiting to make releases even when serious issues are known to exist is not something I personally do. If a problem exists, and I'm aware of it, and there is something I can do about it, I do so. Period. But we must remember all of us have any number of unknown RL projects and priorities, so assuming he even has time to mess with SHDN is a bad assumption in the 1st place unless you know him personally, which I do not.

Anyway AW has already pushed SHDN into the most stable condition in its history that's for certain so that benefits anyone anywhere right there having a more stable .NEt platform to work with.

I have yet to see that error you keep getting, ever. But I will take a look at raw ScriptHook functions and see if I can create a batch of API calls that do them directly. Then we'd be able to see if you still get that issue.


As noted in the editor and rev history weapon code hasn't been touched in a long, long time as it was low priority. It will eventually get addressed but since things get armed and can rip the city apart it was low priority.


Motor I'm going to add a special Debug class and a property to cause an alternate direct task instead of a task sequence to be used. The up side is it should (hopefully) prevent that issue. The down side is the leader will be more stupid at their start because they won't have a set of tasks to follow it will only have an immediate task, but the maintenance code should detect them being retarded outside a car and kick them into gear.

It's better to have them a little stupid up front and no crash than having them be smart all the way into sript aborts right. Since this is considered a critical issue (to me because it's causing an abort for you and possibly others) I will do this and make a release as soon as it's in place. Gimme a few to implement it and test it.


This is being tested now and I will shoot you a message when it's ready for you to test.

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