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@Mr. V

Appreciate that I'm just trying to implement what I invision. And frankly what I invision is HARD which makes it that much more interesting because it is a serious, serious challenge to do what I'm doing. I'm sure there are plenty, and this is just fine with me, of folks that have absolutely no clue what's really involved in making AW be what it is and how extremely complex it is to do what it does. They don't know, and don't care. They just want it to work so they can kill shit and watch the city turn to ash with wars and havok all over the place that rages with or without them doing a thing except smile watching the carnage

There are a lot of issues with creating a truly affective Police core and I won't go into minutia here, but there's a reason when the Player gets a big wanted levels that traffic disappears. They make it seem like it's because the city goes on lock down. But in reality I believe the deeper reason is the traffic itself. If the traffic stayed like it is, then we'd always get away so easily, because the cops would CONSTANTLY be smashing into other cars and stopping, turning around and getting lost. Just like you see the normal LCPD do on a constant basis. So as the wanted level ramps up, the traffic ramps down. Now this is just a hunch but it makes a huge amount of sense to me which is why I think it.

So as far as just randomly spawning cops, it's the same problem. I could easily do that, but they will have the same problem. They'll just get tied up in traffic and turn into circling retards just like LCPD. And the other and more important issue is I have to create a full tracking and recycle system for them, because if I don't do that and I just create and destrpy them over time it will cause statues, just like the original Car Crews did. But if I can get what I'm currently working on to work, and be able to run it for a long period of time to see if the statues issue does or doesn't appear, then it would be the 1st step in proving I can create a fully operational robust non statue creating recycle system that would certainly be able to be applied to a Police core and all kinds of other shit. I just don't know yet and won't until I get it done and working so I can analyze it over a long period, at-least an hour and then at-least 4 hours etc etc.


As soon as I actually have it in place like I've said I'll shoot a link so you can help hammer the shit out of it before it goes live to see if anything uncovers that I don't see. Not there yet. But you'll know when it is


Motor check messages. I'll have a build for you in a few minutes.


Ok Motor check it and let me know. I also need to come up with a good place to be their HQ so to speak. The top of that building is not going to work well

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