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Originally Posted by King Cobra View Post
lol, you did, i didnt know about that, pretty cool, but i already completed the stadium missions, so there is no use of it using it now, besides that i can break my record.
I dont know what you guys are saying about '5 mins on the sanchez'.

On the PC version at least, there is no time limit to the Dirtring Stadium mission, as long as it is completed. I know of no such limit on the XBOX or PS2 versions either. I can prove this personally - my time was around 12 minutes, and I have a 100% game.

The biggest reason everyone gets stuck at 99% is because of:

This has been posted millions of times, but here it is again:

You must do the shooter mission (the shooting range at the Ammunation near the stadium) AFTER the mission where you do it with Phil. You must get over 45 points.

To get this the easy way, then what you do is shoot the bodies BUT NOT the heads of the front two targets. Then, just keep shooting the 3rd target out with all your ammo, and you will get over 50-55 points as long as you are not a bad shot. The back target is worth 3 points - the front and middle targets are 1 & 2 points respectively.

The other main reason is that the robbery missions are not done properly. The best thing to do is rob each store, and as soon as you exit the store check your completion list in the menu to confirm that the store has been added to the tally. Sometimes the alarm will go off but you may not get the mark on your tally.

The RC missions aint that bad, the most annoying one is the buggy one, as you dont get much time to make mistakes. You pretty much have to do it without going off the track at all. Personally, the Ambulance mission was the hardest, I find the easiest hospital to use is the one in Vice Point (by the north city mall).

Hope that helps some of ya.
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