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Originally Posted by Ironhide View Post
Did you update using the x86 (not 64) C++ redist for ScriptHook listed in the file? That is the #1 reason for not being able to open the console.

I listed the x64 version for completeness however I need to remove it as I think only the x86 version will actually apply to the core ScriptHook component because I think it's only 32 not 64.

But any way for clarity.

AW relies on SHDN.
SHDN relieas on ScriptHook
ScriptHook relies on core C++ libs and it does indeed need the latest 2010 redist. At-least it did for me, Motor and a number of others so I would start there.

So if you can't open the SHDN console within the game, then SHDN is most likely not running, and that's most likely because ScriptHook failed due to what I said. See if you have a ScriptHook log file.

The redist I speak of is here:

The #2 most common issue is probably not having a functioning ASI loader. But the Xliveless I use and point out in the file works very well and it's a single file so it's the simplest to use.

ok! so thanks iron for the suggestion! totally worked. now i can only play with the mod for about 20 minutes before it crashing.
i would give an error log but i dont rightfully know how to do that. i'd love to help out some because this is the best thing EVAR!
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