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Awesome thread. I agree with most points and statements.

Either way what I've found disappointing is:

1. APC is destructable by shots/explosions. Do you guys remember rhyno from vice city? If you didnt have a molotov/flamethrower on you, you couldn't destroy it. An endless havoc if you're sitting in one is what you can cause. But in san andreas and gta4 its also destoyable by other things and not only fire ( in gtasa once u get 6 stars, the army comes with tanks and keeps ramming your rhyno until it gets destroyed eventually and the apc in EFLC can be destroyed by simple shots from guns, except that it takes a whole lot of them).

What I would like to see return in the next gta is an (pretty much) indestructable vehicle. Be it a tank or whatever ...

2. The rewards really arent good enough for doing certain sidequests and/or missions. Esspecially when, once you get 100% in EFLC you just get an ammo limit removed, but isnt it useless when the game doesnt save the ammo that you have purchased?

So id like to see a return of infinite ammo, just like in gtasa.

^ I know that this might not return in the next gta due to it being too far from realism lol, but seriously, this game has to have some crazy stuff in it too. Not just be as close to the reality as it can be lol.
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