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Wow i never knew so many people wished the same things i did heres my wishlist.
-Bring back custom car modifications Like in GTA SA
-Garages at safe houses an the ability to buy any house you so choose
-Some cars that dont have made up names and that look similar to real life cars
-Longer story that fits in with the characters lifestyle
-The ability to customize your characters looks an clothing etc at the beginning of the game
-The freedom to do anything you want
-Have more than just one city that you can travel to by plane or boat
-Bring more boats,helicopters, planes etc into the game and make it so you can save them at your safehouse
-Bring more semi's and large trucks along with attachable and detachable trailers
-RVs, motorhomes, campgrounds, ATVs, dirtbikes, all those fun toys
-Have it so you can walk into every single building in game, the buildings have actual working doors
-Give the character job options once the tory line is done
-Make the storyline as the characters life and all his/her troubles and jobs
-Some titles i suggest are Life, GTA Civilian Life i dunno
-I know this will probablky never happen but this is my perfect GTA. Whats yours?
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