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...Wow. After reading this Thread, I get the feeling some of you guys would make awesome Conspiracy Theorists.

But honestly, all I see here is a bunch of gamers trying to entertain themselves until the next GTA comes out.

Then again, the roman numeral for the number 5 is V. V = Vice City.

Though personally, I'd wish for the next GTA to take place in San Andreas, or, even better, several states, including Washington, D.C. (Anyone else here thinking of an epic shootout with the Feds in front of the White House? Maybe a mission where you have to assasinate Obama? Maybe work for him?)

Then again, I can see R* making the White House hard to access and full of Eastereggs, specially seeing as how we got a black President...And is anyone else here seeing a zombie version of Abraham Lincoln replacing Bigfoot and Ratman?

Sorry. I just couldn't help myself. I am a gamer, after all.

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