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I have a shitload of ideas for GTA V, but the main ones are...

- The game should be set in an area about the same size as San Andreas.
- A LOT of Myths like Ratman or Leatherface, some of which should be true and some not, and make them hard to find out!
- Bring customization back. It was like, the awesomest part of San Andreas.
- The main character should be a guy, maybe black, and PLEASE let him die at the end of the game!
- Make it a heroes death, some big sacrifice or something. Then play the credits at his funeral.
- Bring gangs back.
- I loved the Multiplayer in GTA IV, keep that but make the lobby more fun.
- Give us an iPod and call it the uPlay. I wanna listen to music while on foot.
- GTA V should have other sidejobs, like, working in a supermarket, or Taxi Driver, stuff like that.
- When being caught with more than 3 stars and not having enough money to bail out, you should be in prison and either wait for a few hours/days or try to escape with riots or sneaking out and stuff.
- Don't make the game take place in some european country, specially not in some shitty 3rd world city. Keep it in america.
- Make the game world highly interactive and stuff, so you'll have fun with the game even after finishing all the missions.
- Make a lot of houses accessable and stuff.
- Oh, and keep it pervy! We want prostitutes and strip clubs and lotsa girlfriends!
- Drinking. Hell, I loved driving while drinking in GTA 4.
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