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For motorsport71

8/1/2010 12:35PM

Ok download this and see if it runs. Report back results.


Ok got some results that I think point more toward a .NET 4.0 failure.

With nothing in the scripts folder you should still have a ScriptHookDotNet.log file containing roughly the following:

2010-08-01 11:43:13 - Initializing ScriptHookDotNet v1.7.1.4 BETA (GTA IV version
2010-08-01 11:44:02 - Direct3D device created!

2010-08-01 11:44:02 - SEARCHING FOR SCRIPTS...
2010-08-01 11:44:02 - DONE! No DotNet script found!
2010-08-01 11:44:02 - Error during GetPhoneNumber (Phone checks will be disabled):
System.Exception: Accessing Globals failed! Invalid Memory Address!
at unmanaged.MemoryAccess.GetGlobalAddress(Int32 index)
at unmanaged.MemoryAccess.GetPhoneNumber()
at GTA.NetHook.CheckPhone()
2010-08-01 11:44:09 - Direct3D device lost!

It always fails with the phone thing but that is a SHDN issue but that doesn't prevent it from loading. It just ignores it and still processes the scripts folder.

When any scripts exist in the scripts folder it will list them as being found and loaded.

So, what in the hell is up with your .NET 4.0 installation

I wonder if other people are also seeing this problem and thinking it is somehow AmbientWars faling and thinking it's a shitty mod lol.... that would be SAD! It's not Ambient Wars failing.

Also I don't know what that xliveless library error 126 is because I don't see that. So I'm wondering if that is even more evidence of a .NET 4.0 issue because when it tries to load ScriptHookDotNet if there is a .NET 4.0 problem it would fail to initialize the dll correctly. Even though the error tiself is listed before the entry, look at the millisecond times. It's within the same millisecond that it shows the error and also that it loaded the library. My hunch is it did a LoadLibrary call, it failed, but it still showed the message that it loaded it, so in the XLiveLess call it is not accounting for the fact the library failed to load and just prints that Loaded message regardless simply because it made the call to load it, and not that it may have had trouble loading it.

The 1st thing we need to do here is see if you can correctly run a .NET 4.0 application (EXE) as well as load a .NET 4.0 library.

I can create an EXE and a DLL for this purpose and provide it in the mods download as a .NET 4.0 confirmation test so we can at-least get past that point or confirm it doesn't work.

Give me a couple minutes and I will create a simple EXE and DLL that has a form with a button that loads the DLL and calls a function. This should (I believe) test the .NET 4.0 installation in this case, at-least minimally.

I'm uploading a confirmation test for .NET 4.0 right now. I'll update with link when done.

Check top of this message for the test exe and dll for .net 4.0 confirmation.

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