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Originally Posted by chrisuk View Post
I think the majority of us want a present-day return to Vice City.
HELL NO the new gta in vice city ? NO way to boring juzt like the old vice city and to little to me the map waz small to me . if u dO ya research the majority of uz want it to be a remake of san andreas which iz basically in L.A. not wack ass vice city agaiin -___-

i think they shouLd remake san andreas but way ! bigger though and travel to different pLaces in america . i think they shouLd make reaL gangs like the bLoodz n cripz instead of grove st. they shouLd bring BACK THE PLANEZ ! sOn i miss that and the character for gta 5 shouLd be TUPAC SHAKUR i dont give a fuk wat any bodyz sayz but they need 2 put 2pac in da game if they goiin to make a remake of san andreas the story line shouLd be more like 2pac'z life with more stuff added 2 it . aLso MORE GUNZ not juzt like 15 new gunz but a varity never endiin line of gunz and we shouLd b abLe 2 put scopez on dem silncerz gernade luanchers alL dat . aLso bring back tuning up cars but be abLe to tune up even better like pc versions of gta were they have mods were they make a car look like iz not even in the game Lol u get wat i'm sayiin a varity of things to put on your cars even tune your speakerz sO it couLd have more bass . aLso wen you get girL friendz n then when you start haviin sex with your girL friend u shouLd b abLe 2 c wat chu doiin wen u haviin sex with your girL friend instead of juzt haviin a view outside n you hear noise. they shouLd put ice cube in the game snoop dogg n alL the members of the "OUTLAWZ" the group tupac created. they aLso shouLd put that fat fuk biggie in the game . and the last mission shouLd be wen tupac gets shot in vegas and supposely "DIES" he actualLy fakes hiz death to kilL biggie n den livez under the name of black haze juzt like in reaL life welL i couLd stilL keep goiin on but i REALLY do think they shouLd make you pLay as TUPAC n da story line iz base on hiz life n more

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