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I havent had my say in this at all >.< haha.

I posted the whois not because I think R*'s next gta is gta5, I posted to see what your thoughts were, but none of you actually thought of the fact that, gta 5 IS coming, when, we dont know. The domain is never solid evidence of a new game that might come out, for all we know, it could be canceled, renamed, changed, modified, but the thought of canceling a sequal of past succesful titles, is challenging to my knowledge .

It is way to early for a gta 5, keep in mind every time a new number is added in the gta sequals, there is always something new, and most of the times it was a new game engines. From my understanding, GTA 5 will have to have what other games did not, and improve on that. Using the same engine, or slightly modifying the engine ad releasing a game called gta 5, is not R* we know.

The domain registered is to keep safe of the name, if it happens, they have the name, if it does not... well it will seem stupid not to make a gta 5

Here is my question to you guys, can you trace what domain names take2games owns?
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