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Originally Posted by [KFC]-ScharK View Post
Doesn't mean it's close by? I sure hope it is. GTA:IV was released in Apr 2008. If it takes another 2 years to be released, I'll be a bit disappointed.
Well 2002 was when VC was released and that was a game we could play on pretty much any of the big platforms, then San Andreas in 2004... after that, it was only Liberty City stories etc that were PS2/PSP only games... 4 years later, we got GTA4.

Like I said, a registered domain name is no indication the game is close by. Could still be a while away!

And by the way, you can see by that WHOIS query that the domain was registered in 2007, BEFORE GTA4 was released. Like I said, its done so it can't be taken by some cyber squatter who wants web traffic.

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