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Hi everyone,

my name is Lewis Vice (call me LV). I have registered a forum account quite a while ago, but never got to actually posting something here. I am planning on participating more, and hopefully contribute to the community. The most important thing to know about me, is that I am really lazy and I hate writing complete sentences (as my grammar and orthography is in desperate need for improvement). Thus I will summarize the most (more or less) important facts about myself is a list. Yay for me.

I am ..
  • .. 20 years old.
  • .. a graphic (and mediocre web-) designer.
  • .. a former administrator and moderator.
  • .. a humanist and misanthrope.
  • .. ambivalent about almost anything (can you tell?)
  • .. a GTA-fan since 2002 (GTA2 changed my life and sent my academic performance into a scary downspin).
  • .. European! (so pardon occasionally occurring grammatical mistakes).
  • .. currently living and going to college in Seattle.
  • .. bi-polar (in the best way possible).

Questions? :3

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