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Hey guys,

I posted this on GTAForums and thought I'd post it here too, keep the discussion going .

Just thought I'd drop in and mention theres one thing you seemed to miss, which was sorely missed by a sizeable group. That is the countryside from San Andreas. Personally, I don't expect a full state in GTAV/Next, but, I do expect some form of countryside, especially which the development of the countryside/wilderness/general outdoors featured in RDR. Furthermore, I am I correct in thinking that the NJ Meadowlands were to be featured in GTAIV but were removed before release? I remember reading it from some magazine article which I can't for the life of me find. Anyone help me on this?

For all I'd love it be based on London/UK, it really would be gritty grey city (Liberty) followed by gritty grey city (London), which seems highly unlikely. Furthermore, San Andreas was the game prior to IV, and thus it seems too soon to return there. Additionally, I would doubt the state could be repilcated, probably one main city and the surrounding countryside. As mentioned previously, I fully believe the next GTA will focus in a fictionalized Florida, especially as, of the major American culturual icons, how can Disneyworld/Univer Studios et al be forgotten? Though I imagine this would not be the main focus, instead I'd predict that the next GTA is a Miami based city, with the surrounding countryside including a few small towns, the evergaldes and possibly a small parody on Orlando and its theme parks.

Referring to the points you rose, personally I sorely missed the traditional style taxi missions, part of me wanted to play as an NY cab driver haha! I believe/hope that the Fire, Taxi and Ambulance missions will all be brought back albeit in a different form. As for the flamethrower, who knows why it wasn't included? It can't be for the violence caused by burning, as molotov cocktails were included...
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