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The 'Mother of all cracked easter eggs'

This is not from me. Apparently a guy named Evil_I from IGN discovered this.
What follows is absolutely the strangest thing I have encountered in any video game.
This s a bit wordy, but it's too wonderfully strange not to put out there.

Niko was in Vespucci Circus station, on the platform, waiting for a train. (No missions open, just exploring.) One of the NPCs on the platform broke wind, and then dropped a one-liner about "tubular smells." (There is a lot of British content in GTA. In London, the subway is commonly referred to as "the tube." In that light, "tubular smells" makes sense in a British pun sort of way.) This one-liner was followed by the in-game Autosave audio, although there was no on-screen video to match. I didn't think much of it at the time, figuring it was just a minor programming/console glitch.

Several game-days later, (maybe a week or a week and a half; definitely less than two weeks), I was driving in the vicinity of the Monoglobe in Meadows Park, Dukes. (Again, no missions active.) Coming from inside the Monoglobe and beaming upwards into the night sky, I saw what resembled a fan-shaped green laser light display, like the kind you see at stadium concerts. When I got closer to the Monoglobe I could hear music from the Tubular Bells album and see an NPC, inside the Monoglobe, (standing on the Antarctic plate, at the bottom of the globe), playing a Laser Harp. The same short musical piece was repeated continuously. (It was the excerpt of Tubular Bells used in the opening of The Exorcist.) I couldn't interact with the NPC, and Niko can't grab onto/climb into the globe from the ground. (If there is a way, I don't know it.) Weapons fire didn't penetrate the globe; it behaved as if there was an invisible shell around it. No other NPCs in the area seemed to react to this impromptu concert.

I left the area and went to the Helitours site, jacked a Maverick helicopter and flew back to the Monoglobe. My plan was to try to drop down into the globe from the top. When I returned, the Monoglobe was empty. I haven't seen this NPC and laser harp since, and I haven't been able to re-activate the "tubular smells" subway sequence either.

I believe the "tubular smells" shtick and the Tubular Bells concert are related. Firstly, they rhyme. And there are are more connections: Jean Michel Jarre has a tune (Oxygene, Part 4) featured on The Journey in-game radio station. Mr. Jarre is a French synth composer: one of the instruments he plays is the Laser Harp. He can be seen as a Euro-version if Mike Oldfield, who composed and performed (he played all instruments himself) the 1976 album Tubular Bells. On his 1973 album, Oxygene, (whence the in-game radio tune comes,) Jarre also plays all instruments himself. Now here's the real kicker: The Oxygene album cover is a painting of the Earth, its surface peeling back like skin to reveal an emerging human skull inside. The Monoglobe, where the concert took place, is a sculpture of Earth's globe, reminiscent of the album cover.

The train station incident and the concert are clearly connected. I think the former triggers the latter. (A two-part Easter egg?) I cannot, however, re-trigger the sequence of events. Maybe they are a once-per-game thing, or they require something specific or some specific combination to enable them. Could be day of week, time of day, completion percentage, clothing combination, saved vehicle combination or their colours, or just about anything else you can (or haven't) thought of.

Has this happened to anyone else? Let's hear. This is profoundly wierd.
Sound strange? Try it for yourself.
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