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The story design for a created character could work easily. In GTA3 it worked pretty well. Although it wasn't a Design-A-Protagonist, the story was in fact moulded around that. One of the Houser brothers is even on record as saying "...We wanted it to be YOU". I can't recall in which interview though. I think it was And Rockstar has a good script crew, as opposed to the makers of such Copycat/Shit games like True Crime, Total Overdose or Saints Row. They did it once and they can do it again. See the thing is that the next GTA should be the real next step forward. GTA4 wasn't in my honest opinion. Remember that Rockstar went out, and said that the revolution from the PS2 series to PS3/Xbox360 would be equivalent to the revolution from the original GTA series to the PS2 series? It wasn't I think. Apart from the graphics and the sound, what did they put into GTA4 that couldn't have been in GTA: San Andreas on the PS2? They simply took too much out from GTA: SA in GTA4. Way too much! But it's all good since they had to make everything from scratch. Then it's OK. But now is the time for new ideas. I get that Vice City would be cool. I think it would too. It has many things to speak for it. But why does people want Vice City again? Because they thought that the PS2 game was cool. I read many times that it should be in the 80s again. Seems to me that people really want a remake of the 2002 PS2 game. Leave past glories behind, and make something fresh. Rockstar never made a game based solely in Los Angeles (Or Los Santos, as we've come to know it). I propose "Grand Theft Auto: Los Santos". You have all the good things there. It's a perfect city for the GTA franchise. There's some things that should NEVER be left out of a GTA game. One is hills and mountains. I liked GTA: VC, but it really lacked that element, and that's why I think that the actual map in VC was the worst they ever did. Great story, bad map/city. Everything was flat as a flapjack, and it was tedious-galore to look at. It was saved, somewhat, by the bright and vibrant colours. Another thing that should never be left out, is properties. This always makes for great fun, especially if it's made like in GTA: VCS. Yet another would be gangs. It makes for a great, let me retype that, G R E A T replayability. It's always nice to have something to do (GTA4 lacked this element WAY too much. Even GTA3 was double the fun, even after 100% completion). Gangs make the game great, and after GTA: SA, how could they even think of leaving that out? It was a thundering success to have that element in.
I just don't wanna end up having a PlayStation 14 and still be playing Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas. Now is the time to make the jump to other things. I like that all the different canons start in Liberty City, but it shouldn't be the same cities over and over. What about when we get to PlayStation 4 and Xbox720? Should it be LC, VC and SA again, just because they can make it look even better than the PS3/Xbox360 versions? That would indeed be the death of GTA. The trick is to not repeat yourself, while still maintaining a feel of the old glories (And in that context I'd like to say that it was also a huge mistake to kill off the entire PS2 canon universe. They made a great universe, and I never saw what the problem would be with keeping it. There's enough cool persons in there to keep it going. All the protagonists are still alive as far as I know. Why not have Tommy Vercetti moved to L.A. and you battle against him and the other major gang, Grove Street Families, lead by one Carl Johnson? Are you telling me that it would be a bad move? No. It would be a great move. People jizz their pants when something from the old games return, and it's a sell-booster for Rockstar. Just look at how people reacted when they found out that there was a mission taking place in Liberty City's Saint Marks district. Everybody went apreshit and thought it was cool as hell).
Let's have GTA: Los Santos and let me make my own protagonist and gang. Let me run to the hills when the rival gang attacks. Let me hide in my huge (Customizable) mansion while I call for back-up. Let me run back down the hills with a bazooka and reclaim my territory with my gang. Let me ride the highways to the hills and mountains and feel the air in my hair. Let me steal a Freeway and drive the city in the night, looking at all the vibrant colours. Go to the beach during the morning. Get drunk in a hot club. Have hot coffee with a girlfriend (Only one please. Not all those high maintenance friends and lovers again. That sucked ass). Do all the cool things that lacked in GTA4.
I know I would love that, and you would too... Right?
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