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Cool Announcement for GTA: Next - WHEN??? (+ Some ideas I had).

When will we get an official announcement about the next installment? It's usually in March isn't it? Could we hope for it this month, or do we have to wait a full bloody year? I really want them to get the next one out there soon. The waiting bit is killing me, 'cause I know it'll be a humdinger of a game.
It's been a long time since GTA4, and that game was kindda disappointing in some ways. I mean: I loved playing through it all, although the story got boring after 20 missions. The replay value for single player was the worst in any GTA game to date though.

In my opinion, and if you're interested, these are some of my ideas on the next GTA. Many of these features I have been craving since before the release of GTA: San Andreas:

1.- Make your own character. Essential I think. It would help GTA in a new direction, and a great one at that. Hey why not use that GameFace thingamajig that EA implemented in FIFA2010? It would be too cool.

2.- Make your own gang. Choose their logo from an uploaded picture or something. Pick out the gang's favourite radio station, etnicity, weapon and what type of car they drive (Including colour).

3.- Bring back car customization and add to it.

4.- Choose from a palette at the Pay 'n Spray. Nothing is more annoying than driving in and out.

5.- Make the next city London. If not that then make Los Angeles (I don't mean the whole state of San Andreas, but rather one big effin' city with a desert and country side to add to it). I'd go as far as to say that if Rockstar keeps GTA in America, it MUST be in L.A. next time. That city is as perfect, if not more, than New York. Same goes for London albeit to a lesser extent.

6.- Set it in the late 60s or early 70s (Imagine all the great music on the radio stations - The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan etc. etc. etc.). Wouldn't it be great to have hippies, bikers and all those people, in the game? I'd sure as shit love it. They could even implement the Altamont Free Festival of 1969 (It's referenced in GTA: SA sometimes. Some ped says "I'm gonna put you under my THUMB - It's a reference to this: . Another guy says "I'm gonna go ALTAMONT on ya'). Check out some here (Spaced out hippies - A gem for Rockstar to poke fun at):

7.- No more "Original Trilogy Cities" bullcrap. The first generation of GTA was top down, so that was ok to do that in 3D and make it all different. The idea of GTA4 in LC was good too, as it is the first time they've actually gone DIRECTLY for New York. But it should stop right there. Not Vice City again. I liked GTA: VC (VCS even better for the great story and real estate options) Now is the right time to make something new and great that has not been done before. I realize that L.A. was done in other sandbox games, but all the great cities have been in sandbox games by now. I don't think about other games because I know that Rockstar does the best job by far.

8.- Bring back the real estate.

9.- Bring back garages (Does not make sense to park an open car in the driving rain now does it). Also garages hides your cars, so you can have a shadily stolen cop car in there. It makes no sense that I can have a cop car on my parking space, and all the cops simply walk by, donut in mouth.

10.- Bring back the military and make the tanks shoot at you at 7 stars.

11.- Parachutes.

12.- Planes.

13.- More ways of public transport. Take the bus, the ferry, a taxi, a train. All that....

14.- Better clothes. Some of it was OK in GTA4, but most of it was bad. I think I use 20% of all the clothes in that game. Maybe less. If it's not a complete doctor's suit, I look like a rich man or GrandPa Simpson. In SA it was much better.

15.- Lastly, I would love to see a REAL price for completing the story mission. Give me the option to buy a mansion that is customizable inside. Locate it on the top of a big hill with a high fence around it. From the backdoor I could go down the stairs to my private dock with 2 saved boats. Or I could go to the roof with the helipad and my one saved chopper. Or I could go to the small airstrip at the end of the property. Or I could go to my garage with the 10 saved cars. I swear that I would NEVER save in any other place than that...
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