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masterw3 is an unknown quantity at this point
for "realistic" damage of cars:
let's just call these "difficulty settings"

Easy: Default handling.dat

Dc +1
Dw +0
Dd +1
De +0.5

Dc +1.5
Dw +0
Dd +1.5
De +1

Are you NUTZ !?!?!:
Dc +2
Dd +2
De +1.5

What were you THINKING !??
(any numbers higher than that)
going over hills on HARD can bang up the front end, hitting a car in the tire can bend it, jumping off cliffs can severely hurt and disable your car.
but quite realistic to me.

some people's idea of "realistic" means RUNNING into a car, makes it burst into flames, getting into a car and bumping it does the same, and god forbid you actually succeed getting into a car without blowing it up, RAM another car.
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