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First problem G-Unit, : you have Vista....Either degrade to XP SP3 or get win7, Vista is the source of most any software problem because it's just worthless and unstable and was never really fixed.

Second problem G-Unit: You are trying service-packs of Vista, they are as useless as a win95 system file to you. Again, try a reliable OS like XP SP3 or Win7, you made the mistake of buying an OSX clone that MS tried to push at the expense of it's users to compete with mac (no contest, mac wins again). Win 7 is "like Vista, but actually works". Try using a fujnctional OS like XP or 7 and it is likely your problems will simply disappear. If I had a nickel for every problem in Vista, I'd be richer than Gates himself. It's much less hassle staying just behind the wave of "fashionable upgrading", especially with your operating system...and far less expensive too...

I went from 95 to 98SE to XP, and have win7 on the back burner....for a reason....I wait to see if an OS is gonna be tr9ouble gfrom the get-go, like Vista was. Not to sound elitist, but you chose your OS poorly. Stay behind the fad and wait strategically for the right moment to upgrade, that's just how you have to work when dealing with an MS OS. Your best bet to simplify your woes is to backtrack to XP SP3, and you should get the game to run in a more proper manner. I'm not gonna get into the biblical-level of errors with Vista, nor try to be an elitist, but Vista is your primary problem. This game just doesn't run well on Vista regardless of hardware, except for the lucky few. This game runs great on XP SP3, were it not for the "drunken camera" issue that plagues all users regardless of OS (because Rockstar yet again rushed this to release, and even more prematurely than usual).

Rockstar (or more accurately "Take-two software" (i'm beginning to see a pattern of the name vs the product) hasn't even resolved the "drunken camera view" yet, despite their alleged blame on DirectInput devices (DirectInput has nothing to do with the faulted code in the executeable; perhaps it's the SecureROM "crock of stinketh" attempt at anti-piracy (like that'll ever work) that is the real issue.

I have been through many games on this HDD, but no other has had such absurd requirements, nor has annoyed a solo-player so much to join MP games via an allegedly-compulsory registration (and the appearance of such just to save a can generate an offline save, but it's a long walk to find it) nearly as much as this one has. This was supposed to be the flagship for the GTA series in "showing how it's done", instead they made a really-shiny turd that was released in the beta stage as a final copy. Sure, the game (on paper) is awesome, and blows away all the previous models of the game, but in production, they missed several serious flaws that QA should have caught in pre-release, but Rockstar got all "EA GAMES" on their staff and forced an unfinished release. The details of the alleged "patch" says it all. This game is going to the back burner until I can remove this BS crap and make it a real game instead of a manufactured security-loophole that windows live is. This game in itself is a security risk for your firewall simply for the fact that it installs and removes firewall restrictions on thw indows firewall that are inherently risky. Maybe they should have spent more time on development then copy-protection that doesn't work anyway.

Try running the game in Xp-compatibility mode (is that available in Vista?; I won't touch Vista with a 90-yard pole unless I wanted a project to fix an OS, so I dunno). This might help, but I fear that it won't, so the only consolation I can give is in two words, "good luck".

If you are unwilling to wait for a patch to resolve the "underdeveloped game blues", try San Andreas, it actually works,. maybe in a few years they'll get GTA4 to work properly, and Vista will be barely more than a distant memory to you. One would hope that you saw win 7 for it's obvious status as "final", for which Vista was never awarded....
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