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*How about more enemies? maybe a full scale drug war. Whats the point of cheats with mini guns and unlimited amo if all you get to shoot are cops and peds. Boring.

*SCUBA diving for boat sabatage or drug running from plane drops

*love the idea of mansions, your right, whats the point of $ if all ya get is a hooker

*perhaps a breakaway game to become a cop, a very crooked cop, on the take playing sides and gangs, maybe? thoughts?

*another country souds good, perhaps being able to make a gang or become a drug lord? perhaps make it a game of choices, each choiuce varies the game outcome, become a drug lord, a 1st class pimp, hitman, any other ideas?

*MORE BLOOD! if i want to take your head off with a shotgun, I should be able to! or remove limbs with a .50 cal sniper riffle.

*perhaps have a jail that if you get cought you have to do work for crooked cops to get to escape

*did i ask for more blood and enemies to blow ayay? lol
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