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i did post a ramble somewhere, but this is the right spot

--some of these nay be moddable for GTA4--

i love the fact you can crank up the traffic, though i want to make it more, nothing more fun than driving a semi thru traffic (unless we had our MONSTER TRUCK BACK!)

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the deformability... my fun, try to completely trash a car, without losing doors and hoods, leaving NO surface smooth.
though i wish you could crank up the damage recived.. smash a car at 50 into a wall, accordion, get a new car.. if you can walk.
So i would like to see a difficulty slider for the deformability/car damge, once in a while, i would like to play so that if you DO hit a wall at 50.. you ain't driving that away.

SEATBELTS! buckle up folks.. when you get in the car, hit "B" to "B"-uckle-up! then you (most likely) won't go out the windshield at higher speeds. they still break or come loose sometimes.

(Traffic Laws and Voting)
feel like a part of the community.. as the game progresses early on, have things come up the player needs to "vote" on, effectively allowing the player to choose how they want to play the game.
allowing you to aquire certain achievments for playing the more difficult ways.
VOTE for Speed Limit Laws, if you don't want to have to obey the Speed Limit for the entire game, VOTE NO!..
but if you feel Speeding is a crime, VOTE YES! and any time you see a COP, make sure you aren't doing more than 5 over it.
If you are caught speeding, have the caop put on his sirens, you stop, he walks up to the car, you pay your ticket on the spot, and go on about your way... (initiate Traffic Stop, no need to go to jail, the cops need bribes right there on the spot)

VOTE YES/NO for Traffic Light Laws.
VOTE NO to be able to run the reds all you want, they're JUST a suggestion after all.
or VOTE YES!, and you have to stop at the red lights, break the invisible wall at the red light, and you'll pull a star for a Traffic Stop... as noted above.

and so on and so forth...
i liked that about Driver, and have been hoping to see it.. as an OPTION.. sometimes, you just wanna trash the town, other times, you wanna feel like a man on the run.

TOW TRUCKS.. comeon we loved our SAtowTrucks...
remember the time you spent trying to see just how many tow trucks you could tow at one time? how long was your train of trucks?7-8 long before te law got you?
but do like you did the cabs, and let us hail one.
you saw the phone # on that taxi that drove by, or the number on the back of the taxi seat, oput it in your phone, call a cab!
wrecked your car? call a tow truck, they'll come and upright your car for you, steal a towtruck, back up to a car, and steal the car with the tow truck...
if you are wearing the Tow Truck Driver Clothes, maybe the cops won't bother you too aften when tow-stealing a car.
Got a Flat? call a tow truck, he'll come out and change your tire.. (got your AAAA Card?)

SPEAKING of a Flat.. it would be nice if you could stop, walk to the trunk, and hit a button to change a tire(full animation with a button to bypass the anitmation fro the impatient ones) You will have to stop in at a tire shop to get a new spare for the trunk (they'll give you 4 tires and a spare for $100).
cops shoot it out, change the tire and drive home.

definitely, let us turn down the frequency of those needy needy friends, i know some of it is for storyline progressino, but the common hang out sessions would be nice to be able to turn them down if we want.
(OPTIONS) like you gave us with traffic (i LOVE this one to DEATH i love it)

Custom Garage.. service centers.. oh the humanity! where's my AAAA Card !?!?
Stop in any Pay and Spray for a quick and cheap repair and random paint job $250
Stop in any Pay an Spray for aVIN/ Plate Swap to rid you of the cops $500
The door on the left keeps your current paint job, the door on the right gives a random one.
Speaking of garages, it'd be nice to see a whole car repair be about $500, and all the lesser services around town be about $100. (tires at the tire shop, engine repair at the mechanic's, etc.)
Stop in at Hot Rod Lou's for a custom paint or Hydrolics.
Stop in at the Performance Shop and increase a car's acceleration, top speed , handling, shocks... (make sure you get "Insurance" on this one.

What about a Battle Cars Race?
bring in a car, and equip it with rams and reinforcments and the like
Demolitions Derby !!! ram with the rear end, if your radiator takes to much amage, you're out!

Stop in an auto-mechanics shop for engine repair...
radiator spewing stream? stop in for a quick fix? better than going all the way across town to the pay and spray.

Stop in at Brucies Executive Lifestyles, and select your own color combination, right down to the specular color (any of the carcols)

Stop in at the Tire Shop on the corner, or any gas station garage that shows/advertises tires, and get four new tires. (tire got shot out, and the pay and spray is across town) $50 a tire.
Get custom Rims if they have any for sale, if the car col provides, select or change colors on them.
(make this a difficulty option)
As your tires wear down, you loose a tiny bit of traction, get new tires to improve handling.

when my fender hits my rim.. i think that tire should be blown.

Any Garage that advertises Window Repair, stop in and all glass will be fixed. (it's gonna rain, i got a date, she'll whine if she gets wet.) $50 glass repair.

Functioning Convertibles
Drop the top, or put it up when it rains.
make it user controlled like the headlights. put it up when it rains, let us control it the rest of the time.

Drive Thru Joints.
Stop in at the Drive Thru at Burger Shot for a quick bite to eat, providing nobody is in line, else just run in, or around the corner to cluckin bell.
Would allow you to regain health during a mission. just plop an arrow for it right at the drive up window, when you enter the arrow, and speed is "0", then trigger the health.
(i still wanna see someone mod this into GTA4 like done in SA for those long taxi runs, which i miss my Taxi Runs...)

I want my Taxi Missions back, lotsa locations, just pick from one gigantic list of all the accessible areas, and go to town, the cest ones are the LONG ones.. how many can you do in one car? if it takes 3 hours at the pay and spray

Fix the pool tables... the ones in SA were good, but the ones in GTA4 are junk tables to say the least.
but thank you for listening to us from VICE City and putting them in.

I wanna play 9 or 18 holes of Golf, or just hit the putt putt course.
What about those Go Carts at the gocart track, go pay and play, or join gocart races for small $$$

How about bringing back my bird, from GTA3.. soemone honks at me, they got the bird.
while we're at it, allow the player to Gesture to people. while on foot, or in a car, stick your bird or sign out the window... it just might make someone rage... good way to start a fight, without having to throw the first punch. Guy cuts you off, slams you into the wall.. catch up to him, give him the bird, if that don't make you feel better, or make him angry with you, do something further about it.

INSURANCE.. VIG Insurance.. park in front of their office, and go in... if your car you parked there ever gets lost or stolen, just stop by the VIG Insurance office, and pick up your replacement (delivery fee required (from factory to there))maybe insure one vehicle at each office, change vehicles by parking a new one in it's sopt an going "inside" again.

make some of those pointless interiors less pointless.
how about driving thorugh the mall? glass glass glass.. need i say more?
crashing through a store front.. ooopsy, too fast for the turn, smash!

Car Title Loan Office
this IS Grand Theft Auto, stop in here, see what car they want, and if you find one in that color, cha-ching! stop in here, park the car, and get paid based on damage (only if the color is about right , the title said Green, so it's gotts be some kind of green).

Scuba Diving!!
you could have a blast exploring sunken ships, retrieve the breifcase from the trunk of your car you drove into the river, etc.

remember the last three cars i parked...
that way i can set up jumps, or just get out and run, come back in 5 minutes and get mycar.

add a parking space outside each mission, so that when you get back from a mission, you car is STILL THERE when you get back.. i took a Lambo there, it should BE THERE when i get back.
and yes, i DID take it to a Pat and Spray to get the Plates Swapped (or the Car Title Loan place.. a plate/title swap would clean up a car there real quick.. no repairs though, just a clean title.

I enjoyed (from Driver) the Cops chasing the car, but if they got a good look at YOU, then they would chase YOU, not justy the car.. you could bail from a hot car, and when the Cops saw it, they flooded the area and checked out the car. I would like to see something similar.

Parachutes and planes.
I miss the sheer ize of San Andreas... catch a PLANE from one area to another. that was kool, and if you only needed to go half way.. BAIL OUT and make an entrance!

if they could bring Vice City, San Andreas and Liberty together somehow, that would be awsome.
for xBox, just install the first two DVDs to the hard drive, then run off the third disc.
Playstation and most PC people could use a single BlueRay Disc.

ATM's a theory to make them FUNCTIONAL.
You can only go to the Pay and Spray, etc etc with CASH, when you get arrested, the dirty cops take all your CASH. So you need to go to an ATM and withdraw money to use around town. if it's in the bank, they can't touch it, but when you've got untracable CASH.. the COPs, Paramedics, and hospitals will take it.

Speaking of paramedics, Taxo's, TowTrucks.. CALL an Ambulance, and they will come out and fix you up, for a fee.

i liked the infinite DrugWar missions of Ballad of Gay Tony, do that with things liek Taxi missions, and car Titles and all those other tiny little tidbits of fun.

CAMERA! savable pictures.. even videos.
We AHD the technology, we want it back.
I want to fill my hard drive with pictures of the twisted wrecks i've created, and i hate having to use Xfire to take screenshots..
Alt-PrintScreen (with a PASTE in Photoshop) doesn't work.. which has always been a staple way of taking a screenie.

i support the Notes or Points of Interest on the map.
you find something neat, tag it.. if anything, tag it on your G-phone's GPS.. Armor Here, Red Light District, (Cribbs gang Area, stay away, CopShop, etc)

Gangs, drive by some bangers, instead of flipping them the bird (that don't bother them) flip them a gang sign to provoke them.
Join a gang and help them take over, different gangs use different weapons, vehicles, special activities.

i iss my basketball, though the shooting system could be dnoe differently...and what about the game of HORSE, the one-on-one and three-on-three?
multiplayer basketball?!?!?
POOL !?!?!?!?!??!?!
Black jack, Roulette, Slots, i want my casinos!!!!
I donlt cars if i go to the AirPort, and select Las Venturas, and it just teleports me to a casino.. i want my Casinos!
Horse Race bets.
Cage-Fights, ooooh la LA!

the ability, for once, to be able to ADD vehicles to the game...
not just REPLACE vehicles.. but ADD vehuicles.. we got Terrabyte Drives, and our machines are getting more and more powerful, we can handle this.. i want to be able to load so many cars, Gran Tourismo will DIE.

Race Tracks!! we need some race tracks to do races with various vehicle classes in.
Races, street and track, are always fun... go for the endurance race, can you survive 100 laps? you want 100% don't you? are you NUTS?!?! .. yes.. i AM!

i could go on..
and on..
but i think i've taken up more than my fair share of this post.

bullet holes.. thank you, even go depth they do.. so nice.
maybe also allow you to "wash" your car outside your house... just USE/Activate the hose by the driveway.

CO-op definitely.. not just multiplayer, it sould be nice to team up for some missions.. or just to get "helP" with one tough one.
do some drag racing.. pull up to a light, when it goes green.. ZOOM!

that would make for an interesting mission. if you stop at any red light, with a Sports Car next toy you in the front row, burn your tires a bit, if he responds with a tire squeel.. a drag race is on, as soon as that light turns green, be the first to reach the end of the street...
did you vote yes or no on that speed limit thing? how about those 4 red lights until the end of the street? could be the difference between legal and illegal street racing...

how about a walkman radio.. so you can listen to the radio when walking around on foot, only $50 at the corner market there.

it's the little things that make a game great, i've been playing this game for years, and only a few onths ago did i realize if a Armored Truck Bows, it spills $2000 about. So much in this game we take for granted, those litte tweaks and details that add life and flavor to the game.
the best thing to add replayability, longevity and resale, moddability.
if you can modify and ADD to a game, it will last a VERY long time.
Morrowind, Oblivion (even came with en editor) trackmania (in game custom paint system SWEET! rackstar! LEARN!!) Counter-strike Half-Life, X3, and many more.

Thank s for the Game Rockstar, and thanks to all the modders out there doing what they love to a game.
without creativity, we are just hairless apes... (those are the Jocks).

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