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Originally Posted by Ash_735 View Post
I think Rockstar will do what they want, stating the obvious but we can't really know what they'll do. I'd like to see Vice City in Modern Times BUT I don't want them to remake the Trilogy again, cause that just seems lazy, there are plenty of cities left in the US that they could do, Chicago and Detroit spring to mind, and Boston.
I disagree. There's nothing lazy about making remakes. You can't say R* was being lazy when they redid Liberty City because you can see how much work they put in it.

However, it would be great to create new cities based on real life US cities. I do not want the GTA universe to expand beyond America because this is what GTA has always been about the American culture and this is what makes it awesome. I don't think the Housers can produce such a satirical version of a non-US city like they did in IV.
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