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The truth on the new GTA?

Ok firstly id like to introduce myself. Ive been a MASSIVE fan of the Gta series since gta was first introduced way back in '97. Ive followed Rock* games ever since (They are gods!) lol.

Ive been reading all the posts on the new GTA and id like to give my opinion on were the new GTA will take us so lets look at the facts...


Vice city has been mentioned several times on "WKTT" radio.
The introduction of "Vice city fm."
The constant mentions from characters diologue of Vice city.

Ive seen a few people saying that the new GTA is going to be based in paris or some shit. I think this is totaly stupid imo. I think rockstar would know that this would be a bad idea. As much as i dont like it i also think that london is out of the question because we have heard this so many times from differant sources in the past.

In my opinion i think were more likey to see the return of vice city than anywere else such as san andreas aswell.

Anyway thats just my opinon so let me know what you think
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