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Originally Posted by Dem@n View Post
I would love a San Andreas opus on next generation, and if the next GTA was set in San Andreas I would be very glad. Now if R* wants to change a lil bit the place of Gta, i think they could choose Europe

For Paris, something else can be see :

Here is a parisian/french poster for a french movie named "Paris je t'aime"

Here is the american version of the movie inspired by the french one :

Rockstar seems to have made an image inspired by the two posters :

WOW... Ive been scouring the net the past few hours trying to get a insight on where the next GTA will be based, I read all the sh!t about the 'ripped' peice fitting the map of france, and although it fits the bill thought nothin of it... but seeing them posters... that carnt simply be a coincidence...

Maybe r* are trying to throw us...

Paris is a very diverse city, some very rich, glamoury high streets and high value estates, with big avenues and winding side streets, as you know from the movies, but also some utter sh!tholes wit boys that will rob you straight up, so it could make for a good setting.

However, I dont think it would work. Maybe as a seperate city, based in the game, but not a sole single city. I think GTA would loose a few fans if they went towards a non american-english setting.
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