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When I first heard that GTA would seemingly undoubtedly move to Vice City it seemed pretty clear it was destined to be Vice City from what all the posts and speculations said, but now I'm really buzzed. The hint thing definitely gives resemblance to the movie New York, I Love You and I probably am not the first to notice this but it the title of that movie (New York, I Love You) gives resemblance to what the hint says when it says "Liberty City, I'ts Over!" Like the title of New York, I Love You, it gives a name of a city and a phrase commonly said out of affection. Of course the hint follows that same formula giving the [fictional] city name of Liberty City and showing a possible parody (as the creators of GTA are well known for) saying, "Get lost!" While this isn't a stone cold obvious hint and may just be a freak coincidence (as what may be the connection of the rip to France), it is possible that GTA 5 can take place in France because think about it: People are beginning to think Grand Theft Auto has reached its heyday and GTA IV was acclaimed for its city like feel of New York (In basic terms, GTA IV was an updated graphical improvement with a new fresh storyline of GTA III), they can't just remake Miami and add a few new things here and there and oh, another storyline that somehow intertwines with Niko and his crew in Liberty City, it'll get old and then they'll recycle the same idea for a new San Andreas. I know it would (or will) be cool to see those cities that we loved playing in the sixth generation of gaming on the seventh generation consoles but understand people will just look at Rockstar and think they are out of ideas for their most prosperous title of theirs and hands down one of the greatest franchises of gaming ever made. And in the beginning, one of the first Grand Theft Auto's took place in London so why not mix it up a little and start new with a totally sweet new view of France, a country well known for its delicacy and beauty. Also regarding the posters is that the little critic acclaim on the poster of the French movie title (I'm too lazy to look at the title of it and figure out how to spell it ) is also featured above the heart (which also resembles New York, I Love You) of the hint. Just a reminded to anyone who does read this post it's entirely what I've gathered up in information from posts of others and what I see to bear resemblances to things.

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