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Latest patch making GTA IV unmodable?

A while back my GTA IV Crashed, what would happen is that it would load up and then I'd go into the game and play for about a minute or two and then it would crash Unrecoverable Ever Samp43431 whatever it was, I found the problem for that was that the save game gets corrupted, which sucks because unless you made a backup, you have to start from scratch. I only managed to fix this problem after not playing GTA for a couple of months, I lost all my mods.

Anyway so I patched to the latest ( and now I've downloaded the ASI loader but then when I got to installing the scripthook, it doesn't even load up Unexpected error or Data protection (I can't really remember what)

So I was wondering if I can go back to the last patch and be able to install mods but would multiplayer work?

Thanks for reading, would really appreciate the help
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