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GTA China town wars is very addicting in ds and psp. I like how you start a stolen car... make molotov cocktails... defuse a bomb, trade some drugs, & etc in CW. Please include the things ^^^ you can do in CW to the next GTA series.

Consoles & Handhelds

My suggestions...

-Add a bait car. A random bait car for parked vehicles & then cops will suddenly come out to stop you.

-A Repo mission (maybe side quests). You might encounter violent clients ( like gangsters) while doing the Repo Mission.

-Use of drugs and alcohol... While high on drugs/alcohol you are more aggressive. Can sprint faster, more effective in guns, less damage in bullets, and doesnt get tired while sprinting. When the drug effect dissapeared you become sloppy & weak.

-Robbing a bank, jewelry store, and convenient store as a side quest and to earn extra cash.

-Join a gang/mob or biker gang. Form you own gang/mob or biker club.

-Respect/reputation. People will get afraid & respect you when you have a high respect/reputation. In order to gain respect you need to kill some people, rob a bank, & commit some crimes a.k.a Gang bangin.

-If you get busted by the cops, you will go to jail and you will spend time in jail. Add some missions while you're in the jail.

-Pay your bills. Phone bill & apartment rent bill.

-Overspeeding!!! Cops will pull you over if they caught you overspeeding.

-Add some costumes like Police, FireMan, & etc...

-Missions like being an undercover agent for the cops.

-Mimic the Splinter Cell (double agent) style where you can decide if you're going to be on the side of the good or bad w/c will result to different game ending or alternate ending.

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