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List of things to get 100 %

1. After being dropped off at Ken Rosenberg's office, we need some fire power! Go to the Washington Beach Police station and enter the police cars to get a few shotgun rounds. There are hand grenades there also. Go to the Northernmost part of the grassy strip alongside the beach to the East and get the shotgun. Now go back to Ken Rosenberg's office. Stand on the road on the East side of his offices, go South and take the first left. Use the right set of stairs on the right and inside the alley you'll find a sub-machine gun. Using the left stairs will lead to a body armour. Back to the road, continue South and go to the Pay'n'Spray (shown on the map with a spray can). Run left of the shop and proceed all the way around it. Here you'll find another sub-machine gun. Get into a car and cruise around till you find a police officer. Now run him over at a very low speed. If you do it slow enough, you won't get a wanted level. Back up and wait for him to get up. Keep running him over very gently (from your point of view :-) until he drops his night stick and gun (meaning that he's a gonner). Get out and grab both. The knight stick is THE ultimate melee weapon. Now go to the Ocean View Hotel and save your game. Repeat this weapon cycle (apart from running over the cop) a few times if you will.
2. Go to Ocean View Hospital or Shady Palms Hospital (whichever area you prefer doing the Paramedic Mission in). Get into the ambulance and do the Paramedic Mission. Then go save your game!
3. Go to Well Stacked Pizza just North of the Malibu Club. Around the back, you'll find the Pizza Boy moped. Get on it and do the Pizza delivery Mission. Go save your game!
4. Go to the very south of Ocean Beach and activate rampage #2 (see Rampage Map if you can't find it). Throw a few molotov cocktails. A fire truck should arrive. If it doesn't, try for some targets closer to the road. Get into the fire truck and drive away a little bit. Lose your wanted level if you have any. When the rampage timer runs out, start the Fire Truck Mission. When you've done mission 12, go save your game.
5. Now steal any taxi you can find and start the taxi mission. I know this is boring, but there's a reason for doing all the hard work first! Once it's done, go to Ocean Beach Hotel and save your game in the BOTTOM savegame slot. This slot should now remain untouched, and I'll tell you why. Since you will have done a lot of the boring stuff, you can load this game if you don't feel like starting the game all the way over again next time you want to complete Vice City. After that, save the game in the regular slot you were already using. This is important, otherwise you'll probably save over the bottom slot.
6. Go back to Ken Rosenberg and do all Ken Rosenberg Missions. Save your game in between missions if you please, but ALWAYS save after you're through all four!!
7. After doing "Riot", your cell phone will ring and Cortez will invite you to his boat. Go to Cortez and complete all his missions. Save your game.
8. After "Guardian Angels", RIccardo Diaz invites you to his mansion. Go complete the first two missions. After "Phnom Penh '86", go to the western mainland, and purchase Hyman Condo. Presto, you now have a helicopter. Save your game!
9. On the way back to Diaz, go to the "Hooker Inn" and pick up the bazooka in the swimming pool (see Item Map). Hooker Inn is just Southwest of Sunshine Autos. Complete the "Fastest Boat" mission for Diaz. Do not use the bazooka, we need this for later.
10. Go save your game and go back to Hooker Inn and pick up another bazooka. Go complete the last mission for Riccardo Diaz. Save your game.
11. By now, Colonel Cortez should've phoned you and requested help. If not, stand on foot and wait for the call. Go complete the "Sir, Yes Sir" mission for him (where the bazooka will come in handy, but try to keep at least ONE grenade for the "Death Row" mission). After this, Ken Rosenberg will call you. Go save your game at Hyman Condo.
12. Grab the helicopter and go to Malibu Club. Land your helicopter right outside the club and facing West. Now go to see Kent Paul. Now complete the "Death Row" mission. Save your game.
13. Go to Starfish Island and complete the "Rub Out" mission. The mansion is now yours. Save your game.
14. Complete the first three Vercetti Estate missions. Save your game (and save it in between the missions, especially before "Cop Land"!).
15. Go to the roof and grab the helicopter. Go to the Washington Beach police station. In the locker room (first room on your left), you'll find the police uniform (No, don't eat it. Put it on instead!). Now reenter the helicopter, and go find all 100 hidden packages, starting with number 1. The Hidden Packages Map will be invaluable here. You need the police uniform if you want to pick up item 74 without getting shot to pieces. NOW GO SAVE YOUR GAME!
16. Go to the Army Barracks by helicopter and steal the Hunter (gunship) parked at the back (don't worry, as long as you're in a police uniform, the moronic soldiers won't mind). Activate the Vigilante Mission and keep killing baddies until you have at least 1 million dollars. Get rid of your wanted level (see the Item Map to find the police bribes) and then go to Hyman Condo and save your game!
17. Grab the helicopter and your Estate Map and do a victory round of the entire city during which you purchase every piece of estate for sale. I love this bit! :-) Save your game.
18. Go to Malibu Club. Complete the first two missions. After acquiring Phil Cassidy's help at the shooting range, go into the store front and back in the shooting range. Complete the "Shooter" mission. Save your game at the Malibu Club.
19. Go back in Malibu and do the last two last two missions. Save your game after both!
20. After "The Job", Phil will call you. Go to Phil's place and complete both missions. Go to Phil's place and buy some radio triggered hand grenades. (After doing the Hidden Packages mission, you can pick up the mini gun at Hyman Condo, Vercetti Estate and Ocean View Hotel, so no need to pay money for it at Phil's place!). Take a helicopter and fly around your safehouses to get a sufficient load of mini gun bullets (I recommend 3.000 rounds for having plenty to complete the game). You can of course choose to buy a Mini Gun and ammo at Phil's place, if you want it a bit more easy. Save your game.
21. Go put on a cop uniform at Washington Beach Police Station, then go to the Army Base and acquire another Hunter. Now fly to Print Works and complete both missions. Save your game.
22. Go to Sunshine Autos and complete all four car lists. You'll find the Vehicle Map and the above mentioned lists very useful here, methinks. Save your game regularly and after completing the last one.
23. Go to the Boat Yard and save your game. Now complete the Checkpoint Charlie mission. Save your game.
24. Go to Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory and complete the ice cream distribution mission.
25. Go to Pole Position Club and complete the rather expensive dancer mission. Save your game.
26. Now you should receive a telephone call informing you that there's trouble at Print Works. Go to the army base, acquire a Hunter and go complete the "Cap the collector" mission at the Print Works. Save your game.
27. Lance will now call you and report trouble at Vercetti Estate. Go there and complete the "Keep your friends together" mission. Save your game.
28. Go to Colonel Cortez and complete the final mission. Save your game.
29. Go to Inter Global Films and complete all missions. Save your game after each one.
30. Go to Kaufman's Cabs and complete all missions. Save your game after each one.
31. Go to Avery Tolar (A) and complete all three missions for him. Forget to save the game in between missions at your own peril! ;-)
32. Umberto Robina will now call you and invite you over. Go there and complete the first mission. Save your game.
33. After completing the last mission, Auntie Poulet will call you and invite you to her house. Go to Kaufman's Cabs and save your game., The next mission is a toughie! Now go see that fat ugly bitch and get her missions over with. Next time you enter Little Havana, she will even have the audacity to call you and tell you to stay away! Unfortunately, you don't get the chance to put her to sleep! Save your game.
34. Return to Umberto Robina and complete the next two missions but leave the final one for later! Save your game.
35. Go to Kent Paul at the Recording Studio and complete the first two missions for Love Fist. Save your game.
36. Go to Mitch Baker at The Greasy Chopper and complete all three missions for him. Save your game.
37. Return to Love Fist at the recording studio and complete the final mission. Save your game.
38. Head for the payphone at the mall in Washington Beach. I'd bring an ambulance or a very fast car for the first one, if I was you. After each of the five assassination contracts, get out of the car and wait for the next contractor to phone you and tell you where to go. You should save your game between at least every two missions. After the fifth mission, where you land on the helipad in the airport, go to entry 39 in this walkthrough.
39. Now go to the Howlin' Pete's Biker Emporium, steal the PCJ 600 there and do the Stunt Jump mission. The Stunt Jump Walkthrough and the Stunt Jump Map will prove invaluable here. Save your game!
40. Complete all 35 rampages and save your game for each one or two you complete. The Rampage Map is very practical here. Save your game when you're done!
41. Go to Umberto Robina and complete the final mission. Watch out for the remainder of the game when you enter Little Haiti! All Haitians despise you like a sexual disease now.
42. Go to Hyman Condo and save your game. Now watch the clock. Each time you save, it climbs six hours. Try to save your game so that it'll read between 20:00 and midnight. During those hours, you can do the Hyman Memorial Stadium missions. Do all three (will obviously take you three days).
43. Grab your Side Missions Map now. You'll need it. Grab a chopper and go to the Southwest corner of the airport. Do the RC Helicopter Pickup mission.
44. Get into your chopper and do all four Chopper Checkpoint missions. Go save your game.
45. Land your chopper right next to the river Norht of the Washington beach Police Station and then do the PCJ Playground mission. Now go save your game and lose the chopper. You can't keep it anyway when doing the remaining Side Missions.
46. Go to the top of the Multi Storage Car Park and do the Cone Crazy mission by entering the Stallion parked there.
47. Go do the RC Bandit Race on the beach in Vice Point.
48. Go do the RC Baron Race on top of North Point Mall's parking facility roof. Go to Hyman Condo and save your game.
49. Go do the two Test Track missions in Downtown. Go to Sunshine Autos and save your game.
50. Grab the Hotring Racer at first floor and win all six Street Races. Save your game for each one or two and make sure you repair the car after each race before embarking on a new one. You repair it by parking it in a garage, exiting and let the garage door close. There, mint condition!
51. Get back in the Hotring Racer, grab your Robberies Map and go on a robbery spree. After completing all 15 robberies and you're done: 100% complete.
Go save your game at Hyman Condo (you'll see why).

Reward for 100% completion: HA! Wouldn't you like to know! ,-)

52. Even though you're done now, you might want to do this. Grab a chopper and land on the Helipad at VCN News in Downtown. It's where you find the VCN Maverick helicopter. Look at your Vehicle Map if you can't find it. Go to the corner of the helipad closest to the tall building next to it. Jump into the left window for an Easter Egg (The expression "Easter Egg" is known from DVD media. It means that there is one or more hidden things in the DVD menu(s)).

Thanks for reading.I hope this helps you.
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