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First GTA I played was GTA 2 and it was on PlayStation at friend. We all got somehow addicted in my place from that game because all before we knew was CS which was played by adults already. But I can't say I learned it, we were just messing around in it.

GTA 3 was revolution... So real. I played it since it came out, but not so seriously. And in like 2005 I bought CD and started again. I really liked the story, it was more on mafia stuff which I really like. I really played a lot of it and it was cool.

Then came out Vice City and I think it's the best GTA ever and second best action game ever after Mafia: City Of Lost Heaven. Seriously, it was the same GTA 3, though sometimes it looked like it had even worse graphics than GTA 3. Surprise was that character, Tommy, was really active talking person. He was not simple made man, but he was authority as well. The storyline was best I've ever seen from GTA's, except of course those missions with radio-controlled little planes, helecpters and cars. But what was the main thing which got me in VC was Miami... It was so damn in time that game. I always loved 80's, music, movies and so on. And that sunny city with beaches, sexy water, naked people, Fernando Martinez... It all was just so great. And then I watched Scarface and it got even more interesting. The perfect game.

Then came San Andreas... I waited for it very much and when I got it I really liked that it was so big. Graphics were improved and towns were really great. When I started playing it more serious I got really in love with it as I realized how it lets you be free. I mean, forests, you could run in them, there were no these invisible walls which dont allow you to go further. Farms and stuff, interesting constructions and so on. Los Santos was so big that I thought that it's whole game, but then I looked on map and damn, there still was San Fierro and Las Venturas which are same big as Los Santos... Missions were really cool too. Especially I liked that main character had bunch of friends with whom he was doing stuff. Was somehow bored that in previous games you are lonely-wolf. You were like authority, but in same time characters whom you can kick ass, such as Ken Rosenberg, control you and tell you what to do. So in SA you really were a part of a gang. The further I went, the more I liked missions. The Truth was best character ever in the game... That mission of burning plantations of weed and then drive his sexy van stuffed with 2 tonnes of weed was perfect. And fuck, then there came main character of GTA 3 back, still speechless though, but anyway, was great. But new cities really dissapointed me. San Fierro was okay, nice city, you have own business and close friends, but those missions like chinese mafia and Zero... it was fail. And then those plane missions... I hate that GTA make main character look like somekind universal dude who can deal everything - one day he goes and kills 30 people, second day he plays with radio-controlled little cars, third day he deals already real plane. I got really bored by the game when I had to drive from one city to another. It was really boring and stupid, the game was too large, too long roads, and one mission, which isn't so hard, but is very far takes you hour from which 40 minutes is only driving to it. I hated that a lot. And Las Venturas... it is failure. Those endless deserts, stupid 20km long containers and so on. Come on, it looked so cheap. Looked like they made really big game, but had no imagination enough to put in it something so they just - "lets put somekind construction in middle of desert which will do nothing, but be terribly big" - booring... Only thing I liked about end of the game was Ken Rosenberg and Kent Paul from Vice City. Also, driving of other people on big roads was great failure in the game. They drive like on 300km/h and suddenly before turn slow down on 20km/h in like one second. And impossible to avoid crashes, if you drive on big road 100% that you will get hit in back from 20 cars. I really hated the game more than liked in the end.

And GTA IV is great. Though, very easy. Easy missions, just go and get or go and kill and you had no real powerfull opponents. Storyline was awesome, graphics and all was so real. Characters also rocked. But as I was passing it more and more the game was getting more and more grey, black, not interesting and cheap. At first it was full of things which attract you, like meeting new people and cool missions. But then, only the same type missions and cutscenes were really cheap. For example Roman's weddings - come on, 5 people between whom is Jacob in his rasta clothes and so on. Empty church and just boring... I really loved storyline and loved character. Good willing Niko with funny accent who easily can earn great friends. The most I loved that there were unexpected turns. And characters were perfect, like McReary's and Little Jacob and his friends. Well, all in all the game rocks, though, for me it was getting more and more predictable and one-type with every next mission.

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