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Hi, its me again. Well, found new mistakes.
Please correct <Rampages> section, or better " finish " it .
1. You see, for 35 rampages I've received only 9,1%, while you wrote that I would receive 9.5%. (0,25% for each, and 0,27% for each second rampage, (well, 0,26 average for all); 0.26*35=9,1). So or you have done mistake, and there are more rampges, or IGN with percentage.
2. Man, in your list yuo have only 29 rampges. (I've counted twice ). And so: WTF? Why not 35?
3. About the map. I know, that it were not you, who draw it, but I found some rampages that aren't on map. (well , only 2, and one i haven't completed yet). But anyway: WTF? Now I am sure, there are more than 35 rampges, (althrough all GTA series have 35 rampages), and may be IGN is right, and all rampages should give u 9.5%. Please try to find something out.

P.S. Could you please give me the links you used to make a 100% checklist? Espesially, that one from IGN and their credits. Want to sort it out myself. (You colud post them here.). Thanks!

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