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I fixed this issue :)

i have had this game since its release and never modded it untill a good few months after, after modding some cars and totally messing it up i wanted to uninstall it, ended up doing a format cos i had other issues. after reinstalling my gta iv along with the save files i had backed up i started getting this exact same error msg after two mins of playing, wierd tho i never ever got it during multiplayer. what i done was load my most recent save, get in my infernus out front, then drive up the street and turn the corner, thats when i got the crash, over and over in the same place every time without fail. so i thought maybe it was the car lol well, i got into a sabre out front of my house and drove the exact same way i always get this crash and guess what, no crash :O i drove around for half hour just messing, then went back to my house to get into the infernus, drove down the street and took a right and it crashed with this error again. my guess was that somewhere through modding and the saved game i had backed up lay the issue. so i started a new game, played it pretty far thru with no problems at all. so decied to see what i could do to fix my backed up save which i really wanted to keep in th save file i backed up were several save slots, all slightly different times and dates, i loaded one of the older saves, got into my infernus and drove down the street expecting it for sure to crash, it did not. issue fixed in my book. and i have no doubt it was down to the save file from a install of gta i had modded In no way am i any kind of expert but this msg that follows is for all those idiots who say things like "try buying a new graphics card, try cleaning your disk, try uninstalling and reinstalling" if you have no experience of this issue please for the love of god keep it zipped lol
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