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lyzprohap is on a distinguished roadlyzprohap is on a distinguished roadlyzprohap is on a distinguished road
All Bonus Missions Complete:
- All 16 Cars Collected for Car-Azy Giveaway
- All 3 RC Races Complete, level 3 on each (Thrashin' RC, Ragin' RC, Chasin' RC)
- All 3 Car Races Complete (Low-rider Rumble, Deimos Dash, Wi-Cheetah Run)
- All 3 Motorcycle Races Complete (Red Light Racing, Torrington TT, Gangsta GP)
- Drive-by Missions Complete (9MM Mayhem, Scooter Shooter, AWOL Angel)
- Car Salesman Complete (Complete Level 6)
- Bike Salesman Complete (Sell 40 bikes)
- All "Bike Courses" Complete (Wong Side of the Tracks, Scrapyard Challenge, Go Go Faggio)
- Level 10 of "Bump and Grinds" Complete
- Complete Level 5 of "Slash TV" twice
- Complete "RC Triad Takedown"
- Complete Level 12 of "See The Sight Before Your Flight"
- Complete "Karmageddon" (again, after completing it for Father Ned)
- Complete Level 15 of "Avenging Angels" once on each of the 3 Islands
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