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Originally Posted by dokujitsu View Post
Here's a simple tweak, the ability to stand on vehicles without just falling off when they move. The return of car surfing! A certain other GTA clone (which shall not be named) made a whole mini game out of it.

Remember back in the older GTAs when you could stand/crouch in the back of a pickup and just ride around shooting people? I called it the assisted drive by. Shoot the car once and hold on!

It's kind of disappointing now that if you stand on a car and it starts to move you become drunk and just fall off.
Yeah, Although realistic (wouldnt be extremely easy to stand straight-up on top of a carr as it excellerates rapidly) they could probably turn down the Euphoria engines effects on the player while on top of a car pr while in the back of a truck so that you can do some drive-bys online with a friend say standing in the back of a truck with a high powered weapon. Would be awsome.
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