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- I don't know if an of you guys have played Postal 2? -But the gas-tank and match weapon. Run around pooring gas and then throw the match down to ignite an inferno. Would probably make for some interesting misson requiring you to burn down a place, make a grewsome excecution or even for just plain crazyness like trapping peds in a circle of fire

- Different seasons, with the addition of terrain vehicles such as snowmachines, snowboards, four-wheelers, argos ETC.

- The return of airplanes, mountains and huge open spaces which make exploring, flying, missions and other crazyness have more depth of variation.

- Maybe some sort of rock climbing and rope climbing abilitys to go with the mountain side terrain and also for sleath tactics / missions.

- As with ohers, vehicle customization but if anything with this one feature ATLEAST: The ability to be able to pick a COLOR out of a list or a palette grapchic instead of repeatedly having to go back in and out for search of an in-peticular color passing a couple of in-game days just to find it.

- Return of the monstertruck and rediculous vehicles, jetpack.

- Maybe have older charcters such as Claude return but with a personality. Say his shyness went away or a storyline before his role in gta 3 maybe ending with him getting caught up with gangsters and them cutting his voicebox up to make sense of the no speaking in GTA 3.

- A simple Speedometer with the option to enable / dsable it within pause menu.

- A freind hangout with adrenaline activitys like skydiving, bungiejumping..Euphoria would love that stuff.

- Maybe an option to be able to see your ragdoll after you get killed in normal speed instead of slowing down beecuse there was sooo many times I wanted to see the continued path of my ragdoll, but to be cut off or slowed down to much by the grey death - Which is nice effect to resemble dying, but I think you know what I mean about wanting to see the Euphoria egine take its toll on that just-right death that causedyou to fly rapidly.

- Expand on trasportation like jetskis,go-karts, skateboarding / ability to hitch to a vehicle, bicycles, a zip-line and or harpoon with a rope attached - sort of deal.

- Mass variations of weapons like a slingshot,, flamethrowers, abilitys to pick up any feasable items as weapons. Ability to store items and or weapons in the trunk of your car.

- Euphoria related activitys

Anyways, a few fun ideas I would love to see played around with in-game.

And yes, I agree with the above post. We should have alot more in-game features rather any any overhyped 1 use features

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