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* I wouldn't mind seeing a few different alternatives to parachuting
* Custom Cars is a must, i was disappointed this was left out of GTA IV
* Flame Throwers and some more other fun weapons like a Hammer
* Destructible buildings or to a certain extent so when you drive into a wall you can embed the vehicle in it for say a ram raid on a bank job
* Steal and sell cars to make money like on the first GTA
* More custom clothes like leather jackets for us metal heads
* Bring back some elements of San Andreas such as haircuts, tattoo's, body building but do away with having to maintain friendships and relationships.
* Custom Soundtrack
* More ways to make money such as become a hitman
* Ability to buy cars from the car showrooms and build a collection at a mansion or house you buy in game
* Buy Leer Jets and so on just to spend some of the money you acquire in game. There's no point in making the money if you haven't got anything but hookers to spend it on.
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