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i translated the one in russian with baylon hope it's helpfull

La envelope will need my 2.2.1. Build 961-can be downloaded at оффсайте = (Handling and free version) la beginning we need to download gta4 examples Pack-in which we have complete version of the model schafter, and all the necessary texture in a folder vehshare (vehicle.wtd, vehshare.wtd, vehshare_truck. By). World File-gtaiv_textures. xml-CLADEM in a folder install in the bud занозы. ткрываем анозу, walk to the Options \ settings, was called to order window, select Services \ textures, and add there the way towards Folder vehshare from the archive. It is now done all the necessary texture will подхватывать automatically. 1 lava. бьекты and hierarchy. To those who worked with these in SA-much seem familiar. Senior думмис-model name (schafter.wft) | думмис chassis | hierarchy the model itself рактически Each detail I T B should contain Lod 1 level..-name the details _l0, _l1 LO-this is the main detail L1-an entity to distance 15-20 metres. (no more than 3000-5000 test sites) L2-type chassis_vlo in the C-впринципе optinal-it is enough to часису, and headlamps. is operating in the distance of 100 meters and more. аждая separate detail-should contain the conflict [col], at the end the details. сключение-lamps. Let's see more: аждая detail should contain a parental думмис. озьмем for example hood: Bonnet-parental думмис | bonnet_l0-the model itself hood bonnet_l1-model hood bonnet [col]-оллизия model hood ft B S General R (No. file model should распологаться down the list) very: door_dside_f-parental думмис | door_dside_f_l0-the Model itself door_dside_f_l1-model window_lf-parental думмис driving window on a door model. | ---window_lf_l0-the model itself windows ---window_lf_l1-model windows ---window_lf [col]-оллизия model the windows door_dside_f [col]-оллизия model олесо: wheel_lf | [wheelmesh_lf]-wheel [wheelmesh_lf_l1]-wheel wheel_lf [col]-Conflict wheels оллизия wheel is to place the anchorages wheels and Track gauge (conflict in a cylinder) братите attention to the title wheels in square brackets, also can I upload their objects to wheels (type caps \ disks, also in square brackets. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________________ list details (думмисов): chassis-Rama rentals. bonnet-hood boot-trunk door_dside_f-driver's door (front left on board) door_dside_r is the second left Board door_pside_f-Passajirskaia door (front right on board) door_pside_r-Passajirskaia door to right Board bumper_f-bumper front bumper_r-bumper rear wing_lf-left wing front wing_rf is just wing front windscreen-windshield windscreen_r-rear window hub_lf-brake shoes left front disk hub_rf-brake shoes right-wing front disk hub_lr-brake shoes left rear disk hub_rr-brake shoes right-wing rear disk suspension_lf-the left front suspension suspension_rf-right-wing front suspension suspension_lm-average suspension suspension_rm left-right medium suspension suspension_lr-the left rear Suspension suspension_rr-transmission_f Right rear suspension-front axle transmission_m-average bridge transmission_r-rear axle bodyshell-кузов wheel_lf-left front wheel wheel_rf is just front wheel wheel_lm-left secondary Koleso wheel_rm is just average Koleso wheel_lr-left rear wheel wheel_rr is just the rear wheel extra1-9-экстры model (if экстры within Mobile details.. ток No. files to экстрам not needed) misc_a, B, C, D, E-some details type or any прикрепляющихся details, glasses (in the doors or bodywork, contain the conflict and лоды) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---lamp headlight_l, an R-front taillight_l headlamp, an R-reversing lamps indicator_lf, RF-front поворотники indicator_lr, RR-rear поворотники brakelight_l, an R-стопсигналы reverselight_l, an R-. Reversing lamps -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---думмисы engine-location engine in vehicle- Impact on injurious Engine. exhaust, exhaust_2-Exhaust pipes overheat, overheat_2-engine overheating (from smoke will follow the injuries) interiorlight-light in the park petroltank-PetrolTank the trucks. seat_dside_f, pside_f-location front passengers seat_dside_r, pside_r-location rear passengers __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________________ lava 2. оллизия, думмисы, local axis. оллизия-is created from primitives (increasing, cylinders), should not contain two outside dimensions or not склеиных vershin. should also be отнормалена, UV маппинг do n't need (used дефаулт material). Chassis [col]-" may contain several
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