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Gta iv Lagging

Name is Ismail, call my self Izzee, new to this site, but i've been knowing this site long time ago, before iregistered, soo , my gta iv is lagging, and its annoying , i downloaded game booster, it didnt work, i downloaded speedfans, didnt work, and then gamegain, didnt work, also this gta is illegal, downloaded from a site without paying, may that be the problem, since, i dont have any money for the gta atm, soo i wonder, is it becouse it isnt the real gta ? , or my computer specs

Hard Drive : 80 GB
Ram : 1.5 GB
Video Card : 456

could it be my specs, or becouse it isnt the real

Reason i downloaded a fake gta iv is : I wanted to try mods, i got the game to ps3, but it aint possible for mods on ps3, .. Soo i figured out it was possible on PC, and downloaded, a later on i will get money, but is it worth to buy the game, or should i just buy clothes / shoes ... ? If i buy the game, would it be lag free ?, or atleast some lagg ?
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