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98.75% done! ...and I have no idea what I missed (HELP)

So I stopped playing GTA IV last winter, and had only 93.08% done. I just picked up in the game again and decided to finish it off (also wanted to get those random achievements I missed out on -yes, I'm playing on 360)

Anyway, I finished the jumps, got all the pigeons, did all main story and procedural missions -94 missions done, though I saw somewhere there's only 90- (except taxi missions, but from what I understand those don't count towards 100% completion), did the text msg cars, races (FINALLY... Brucie kept telling me he had nothing, even when I was on the right islands), most wanted, vigilante, found all random characters (though in the confusion I might've missed a mission from one of them- though I remember doing them all), and I just went through and did every activity with every friend, even Roman and Dwayne, and beat someone (CPU or friend) at every activity at least once...

So what am I missing??? ARGH! I have 1.25% left to go and don't know what it could be!
My real question here is: Does anybody know what I may have missed that's worth 1.25%?

The only things I could possibly see it being are either a missed random character mission (though 1 and a quarter percent seems a lot for one mission when they're worth 5% all together) OR if you have to take Jacob, Brucie, and Packie out to both the cabaret club AND the comedy club (though I think I even did THAT) OR if you have to do all activities with the girlfriends too (which doesn't make sense since you can dump -or kill- them)...

Sorry to make this post so long. Thanks to anybody who made it through the whole thing. I just needed to make everyone understand my misery with this.
I wanna be part of the 100% club too
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