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Originally Posted by RobinWijland View Post

The problem still exists.
Now the only thing that happens after playing 5 minutes, or 30 minutes, time really unreliable.
The frame building stops, the world "stops" to build. Textrures are falling behind, that the game freezes, crashes, or continues for some seconds and remains frozen, something like that.

The next things have been exchanged under warranty because the company which i've bought my PC from thought some things weren't right.
- New (improved) mother board installed.
- New, faster and cooled 4GB Ram installed
- We've tried another video card, a NVidea 8800 still no effect.

Excuse on the video card, it's not 1024 MB but a ASUS ATI 4850 DD3 with 512 MB.

The game keeps crashing. What the fucking fuck!

Can anyone help me for christ sakes, since Rockstar doesn't email me back.
have you patched the game to the latest version?(1.0.40)
do you have antivirus program?
if you do, I think you should turn off your antivirus program
my specs are lower than you, but I played the game without problem
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