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frustration is an unknown quantity at this point
rather ineteresting mod requests

1- a way to turn of the car and the lights

2- a way to make more smoke come from the tires when burning-out

3- a way to spawn a trailer on the phantom

4-a way to update the torque/suspension/traction .dat files in-game or have it update without restarting game..

5- i might post more as i go..

Thanks for looking and commenting!!!

Oh and a mod to make any car a manual stick sift type thing..thanks

ohh..and can somone mod the phantom to make it look like a death machine..(with spikes everywhere, and like a fence grill thing in the front..(EX:

Thanks again lol

Over 2000 views and not even a comment if this is possible or not..geez
anyway..ill try to keep this thread alive till i get an answer..
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