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GTAIV PC running soo sloow

i have a HP pavillion a6300f which has an intel pentium dual core e2180 processor. i have 2gb ram and a GTX260 graphics card [which is beastly]

Yet GTAIV runs like dog shit. i bought the game on steam

yes i have the 1040 patch.
yes i updated the drivers.

low settings = low frame rate
high settings = low frame rate
everything i do = low frame rate

what do i effin do people? i've been going at it for 8 hours today... [literally 8]

do i really need a quad core cpu. really? really? jesus christ rockstar, not everyone is loaded...


i get an error when launching the game. it's:

SecuLauncher: failed to start application. [2000]

yes i went into the local files and verified the integrity of game cache
yes i went into the local files and defragmented cache files

awesome let me go google that now...

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