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PS3 Random Skips and Freezing

hi all,
i recently updated to version 1.0 rc3 from for streaming content to my ps3 with the latest firmware. after the update i noticed videos that previously worked fine now experience periodic freezing. videos that do not need to be transcoded are pausing for up to 15 sec then resuming from where they left off.
to ensure that there are no faults in the video i converted them to divx 6.8.3 files. the puases seem to follow no pattern, if a pause occurs and i rewind to before the pause to play through it again, it does not pause.
my network is set up as my computer is on wireless to a router which is then cabaled to the ps3, i have tested the bandwidth available and it is close to 6.5Mb inc audio, when the videos pause i am nowhere near this limit as looking at the information displayed on the ps3 says it is closer to 1Mb or less inc audio. the problem never occured on the older version, so this also helps to shift the problem away from my network setup.
reading through the forum has shown that there are several other people with the problem, is it just the sony people, or are all devices experiencing this issue?
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