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Hello, guys - I'm very new to GTA IV, and I've only just gotten some new cars in and I'm enjoying the game a lot. Crime is fun. I have two questions, and I hope it is ok that I ask them here, since it is related to texture editing. I downloaded Spark IV and opened a shoe file, saved the texture and edited it, making a pair of Adidas (Red/White) as well as a couple of shirts. I tried to import them, but when I clicked on the file, then 'edit' and imported the textures,then clicked on 'save', I saw the new images only until I closed and re-opened - at which point they were gone. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Also, I would like to edit the american.gxt file to reflect the cars that I have replaced in my game, but how do I replace 'Landstalker' with 'Toyota Landcruiser'? Specifically, a one-word name with a two (or more) word name? Thanks in advance for any help I can get.


I got my images imported, but I still need help with renaming the vehicles in american.gxt. Also, how and where do I upload my edited textures?

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