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Originally Posted by ChandlerBing View Post
All this money you spend on a rig. You could have bought a PS3 and a 360 and had no problems whatsoever.
Hmm... I played on a PS3 and XBOX360... They suck.. Especially in MPlayer with no mouse and the stupid auto-aim... And the framerate also drops on those consoles, compared to my wonderful rig. Those lame consoles only pull about 24fps or so, my rig normally (if stable) pulls 40+ on average, it is much nicer to watch. Also, the texture def. is higher on the PC. On the consoles it is set to LOW... With my vid.card it is set to MEDIUM, which is much nicer to look at (HIGH is too much for my 512mb vid.ram).

You just keep dwiddleling around with your crappy console, while I rule the internet with mouse and keyboard.

Rockstar should fix the original problem of stability though, crappy programmers/porters. Cya.
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