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mechine is an unknown quantity at this point
Well I've had this problem before an it was audio codecs which fixed it.

I do have FFDshow installed, but I'm scared to un-install it thinking it will mess something else up.



The CPU is a Pentium 4 550 HT stock clock with adjusted to factory spec core voltage.

Windows XP fully updated, and also a clean install a few weeks back on formated drives.

ASUS P5N-D motherboard (disabled onboard sound) I use a PCI soundblaster audigy A2S or something.

1600x1200 native res, 7.1 speakers, SLI 8800 GT's, 2Gb DDR2 800 (factory overclocked RAM)

I put GTA 4 on C:/ in program files (default) because I didn't think it would be fun.

The new patch an modz made it a lot more fun this time.

I played maybe 6 months ago on the same set up, but it didn't ever make static noise
even when I was using -norestrictions, but it was very poor performance.

This time I wanted to try out forcing AA an AF via the Nvidia control panel settings.

Which bumpped up FPS on Fallout 3, If you turn off Fallout's AA an AF, I'm still testing it

but I'm not sure how to turn off GTA's AA an AF yet...

This time around it does work better, I jacked up the memory to 650ish an it plays without stutters
on the high textures, with a view distance around 12, an shadows turned off (dotted glitchy shadows)

I guess I could install it on the raptor D:/ drive since it's more fun now
which would avoid some thrashing maybe, but I have fallout 3 on the D:/ drive
and it also has static noise somewhat...

Yes, It's making the static noise even in the menu before I even enter the game, but the rain
makes it happen way more constant like, but yeah like in the options menu changing grapics settings
the noises the menu makes will cause some static.

Well It was linked to the force AA settings, or override application settings

in the nvidia control panel. I was using it to force 16XQ AA on Fallout 3

which it works well for that game. I'll have to work with GTA IV some more though.

Turning off the override any application setting for AA got rid of the glitch, but

now I'm having problems getting the same quality as before, but that's just a little amount

of tiny jaggies...

There's also a enhance any application setting, which I'll try an maybe read into the settings for GTA.

You know look for AA stuff. Is there notepad files that we can tweek for GTA IV,

Like maybe turning AA an AF all the way off, then forcing it via the grapics card

in order to use supercharged AA 8XQ or 16XQ SLI 8XQ or SLI 16XQ.

The only reason I mention it an run it that way is because it worked so well for fallout 3.

The performance was so good I could pick a AA an AF setting that was Max or twice as much

without the drop in perfomance you usually get.

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