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Im new to this, mind help a guy out :) ?

Hi there members of GTAgaming, I see you guys got some very usefull information and some nice mods for GTA4, I was usally playing gta4 on Ps3, but since I found it boring now and multiplayer went boring aswell since you was doing the same thing all the time.

So I decided to try gta4 on Pc, and I must admit, its much better than ps3...So now I felt for going multiplayer on PC to, and I had some fun ofc, but now recently, I start see peoples spawning stuff, beeing invicible and modding their hp and car speed.

I heard this was named "trainers" and it was to complicated for peoples to explain over the chat in-game how to get such a trainer..
So I have been lookin over the internett, and got some info, but it only bugged my gta4 and now I'm re-installing it...

So can anyone give me a easy understandable guide or something how to install mods / where to place it / how to use it ?..

Also links for other topics / tutorials and guides is appreciated.

Thx in advance.
-Remember, Im new to this, none fancy nancy nerd talk please
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