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Help - my damn Hexer vanished!

I don't mean vanished as in, noob alert, it's not outside the clubhouse omfg helpz me please..I mean it's not there and I've reloaded the game and it still isn't there. There's a Lycan in its place instead. Now from what I've read, while Johnny's Hexer is unique in that you will never see another Hexer in LC, it's supposed to spawn outside the clubhouse. I've been riding it to missions and losing it like crazy and it kept reappearing, but now after completing "End of Chapter" it won't respawn. Is this storyline-relevant or is it just some good old fashioned "fucked up repugnant shit"? Appreciate any help here, I want that bike the way, I'm aware that Clay can bring a new one but it really ain't the same
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